Relationship Tips With A Younger Woman

An older man dating a younger woman has always been a cliché. The way that the media has stereotyped this kind of relationship has caused it to become much more acceptable. In fact, it has now become a trend. We see younger women with powerful men in politics, in Hollywood, and even in the lives of ordinary men.Although older men used to be perceived as “sugar daddies” or “perverts,” many women still want to date them and are even hoping to tie the knot with one someday. Older men, on the other hand, may prefer to date younger women because of the feeling of pride. They become more accomplished having a beautiful and young woman around them. To some extent, however, these reasons can be superficial, but believe it or not, you can certainly find love flourishing within this kind of relationship.Reasons Why An Older Man Want To Date A Younger Woman And Vice VersaOlder men are just like any other men who may also feel insecure and unwanted. Because of this, they believe that if they can hook up with a hot young chick, then they will feel less unattractive. Their ego and sexual drive boost up and the feeling of being young once again flourishes.Studies show that most men ages 40 and above would prefer to date younger women with a 15- to 20-year age gap to theirs. When asked why, they say that their past relationships may have been too uptight. Younger women are more adventurous, fun, caring, loving, and submissive. Some of these older men have undergone stressful relationships with their ex-girlfriends or ex-wife and are now more hopeful about finding a relationship that is more positive and peaceful.Furthermore, older men find younger women more inexperienced with life. This gives them a feeling of power over them. Being the man who can make the decisions for the two of them can give them a big sense of superiority and satisfaction.Young women, on the contrary, see more valuable reasons for dating an older man. One reason is due to security. They find older men are more financially stable. They may have businesses of their own, have better social stature in life, and are more responsible and mature with decision-making. Young women who may have previously dated men within their age group may not be able to help but compare all these aspects.Young women also find less competition with older men. More so, older men may be less inclined to cheat when they date a younger woman. Young women may chase after sports jocks and young bachelors, but because both parties are more immature or inexperienced, differences and conflicts may often arise. Relationships with older men can bring more emotional stability.Problems That May Arise And How To Solve ThemProblems are inevitable with any relationship, even with older man to a younger woman. However, most problems come with solutions, many of them being simple to follow.The first problem to consider is the relationship’s emotional status. One mistake older men face is the notion that younger women are more emotionally stable; that they have fewer hang ups in life, less experience with heart breaks, and fewer unstable hormones. However, believe it or not, emotional stability is not more prevalent in any one age group. More so, younger women tend to be more clingy and insecure, so unless their older partner is already experienced dealing with these kinds of dilemmas, a relationship of this sort may not work.Another is that younger women tend to have higher standards. Yes, they may go after men who have fatter wallets, but there may be more to it. They also like men who look good to be with, who may be more trendy with the latest fashions and high-tech gadgets. Older men may prefer more classic fashions, which can be a big issue. So, if you are really into younger women, it would best to look into their standards and expectations before jumping into any relationship.Furthermore, most young women may still want to experience all the best in their lives. They may be into night clubbing, adventurous sports or activities, or going to many social parties. Their older partners may not be able to accompany them with any of these because of a different energy level or for various health reasons. It is advisable for older men to be extra understanding, unless you want to play “dad” all the time.This relationship also faces the scrutiny of others. Common and more acceptable as it may be, there may still be close friends or family members that will oppose of the relationship. If the relationship isn’t serious, it may be advisable not to involve her in family gatherings or become too close with her closest friends. But, if you believe this may be for keeps, then do everything to please and understand everyone that surrounds her.Of course, the most obvious reason why this kind of relationship may fail is if the women go for older men with the wrong reasons. If the man is not fully aware of this and is always hoping for the best, then it may be too late for them to actually have a happy ending. Likewise, they must go for the relationship with the right reasons. If they are only in it for the sex, stature, and power, then there will be no lasting love for them in this situation.Tips For Dating A Younger WomanFor men who want to successfully date a young woman, these are simple tips to follow. The first is to remove their stereotype mindset. You need to dispel the mindset that an older man dating a younger woman is deviant. During your dating stage don’t initiate intimacy right away. You want to come across respectful and loving, not creepy. A relationship compatibility reading may provide great insight on the best way to proceed with your relationship.Another thing you will want to do is stay humble. Though you may have acquired a lot of achievements or have reached a high stature in life, stay grounded. You don’t want your woman to be afraid of or intimidated by you. Instead, be more fun, accommodating, and interestingly irresistible with other aspects. This way, they can be more comfortable and relaxed when you are around. A personal astrology reading might help you better understand yourself.Lastly, don’t push things too soon. Even if you like her very much and may feel that you are ready for wedding bells, give her the chance to live her life and enjoy it to their fullest. Also, allow for enough time to really get to know each other. Know her inner thoughts and feelings. Older men may be more experienced in knowing what they want in a relationship and what is best for themselves because of past mistakes.
A younger woman may need a little more time to discover what is best for them. If you are really serious, be ready to put in the time and effort getting knowing her family and friends. Then, and only then, can you decide if this is a relationship that can proceed towards marriage.

Americans Traveling in a Bad Economy

With the economy bringing them down and stressors flourishing, it is surprising that many Americans have put vacationing and traveling high on their priority list. But an overestimated number of American families have done just that to try to relieve some of the stresses and worries that the current economic situation has brought into their lives. Anything and everything that can be done to bring in relaxation and a sense of mental well being is currently climbing the priority list in many American households.Mariott’s Springhill Suites conducted their second annual traveler’s survey online to get a picture of what is to come in the travel industry. The results were interesting because the majority of the 1,000 Americans that participated in the survey stated that they will be taking some sort of vacation in the next year to unwind and get away from their hectic work lives and worries about life in general. They also stated that cost was not exactly a factor when deciding where to go. Online travel deals can take a back seat to a desirable location.Many of the people surveyed also stated that gas prices were not going to have an effect on any destinations that they decide to drive to for a relaxing vacation. Gas prices have been on a steady rise in the US for the past few years and some industries have had a concern that rising prices may cause people to stay at home. The data from this survey says otherwise.American women are more likely to unplug themselves from work on their vacation by not checking their work related email while away compared to American men who find it a little bit harder to completely shut themselves off from the workplace. Two thirds of the people surveyed said they will not be answering the office while away on vacation. Even though they will not be in touch with work, the survey discovered that 89% of adults on vacation will stay in touch with their Facebook accounts.The Fourth of July is the most common major American holiday for traveling for leisure and not for a family event. Thanksgiving is still the busiest travel day of the year but the majority of travelers over that holiday are on their way to a family gathering. The Fourth is a more relaxed holiday that can be enjoyed without the hustle and bustle of feeling an obligation to be somewhere.This survey also discovered some lesser known habits and likes of the American traveler. Americans are more likely to miss sleeping in their own beds and American men are more likely to get their hair cut before going on vacation than American women. There are even regional differences in the US with how a parent will handle an unruly child.Americans do love their vacations, even more in a bad economy with higher pressures for meeting life’s basic needs. It would appear that the stressful economy can be good for the travel industry by providing the getaways that are needed.

Commercial Property Management – How to Manage Property Professionally

Commercial property has distinct elements that must be controlled by the property manager each and every day. In only that way can the landlord get the property performance results that they require.Let’s look at the files and control processes required for commercial property management.Tracking those elements is important to asset performance. They are:
Income payments and relation to budget
Arrears status and recovery actions
Expenditure payments and relation to budget
Lease analysis
Tenant mix performance and change
Lease status to events such as rent reviews, options, renewals, and other critical dates
Insurance and risk in relation to the operation of the property and its interface with the public
Building maintenance and function
Tenant relations and communication
Budget establishment for building performance projection
Reporting to the landlord in an efficient and timely wayThe list says that control is critical when you manage commercial property. By definition commercial property covers office property, retail property and industrial property. Given that every property type is unique it pays to have checklists and task lists in place to help you keep things under control as you move from property to property and event to event.Keeping records of all property activity just has to be done correctly. It pays to split the building records and files into separate categories for ease of access. The main categories can be similar to:
Tenant (tenant related income, expenditure, all communications, agreements, instructions, negotiations)
Lease (lease documents, side agreements, notices, rent reviews, options, renewals, negotiations, records and status of active incentives)
Financial (building related performance to budget, statutory outgoings, general outgoings, historical outgoings, records of payments and invoices)
Maintenance (details of orders of works, contractor reports, risk related maintenance, essential services) and split this file into the types of equipment and plant in the property
Contractor (tenders, quotes, communications, insurance, records of performance)
Legal (anything that is legally related to property performance, or lease occupancy)
Insurance (claims, quotes, renewals, policy details, claim forms)
Capital Expenditure (this is to isolate the larger capital expense items that are not normal operational maintenance in the property)
Valuation (details of any valuation and update that may have been provided to the owner or the financier for the property)
Owners file (reports to owner, instructions from owner, annual budget and recommendations)You can add to this list as required and it will help you keep the property under control; your daily tasks as property manager will become more accurate.A well-managed and controlled property is supported by great documentation and record keeping. Everyone benefits including the landlord, tenant, and property manager.

Corporate Entertainment

The image of corporate entertainment has been damaged in the last couple of years. Reports of Government subsidised banks having expensive events entertaining clients, sticks in the throat for many people who have lost their jobs, or who are struggling to pay their mortgage. Hospitality tents at Wimbledon; half empty, but paid for in full, also annoy many people.Yet in all cases, the banks booked and paid for the events before the financial crisis AND corporate entertainment is part of the process of developing relationships in business. Many businesses: particularly City companies are concerned about visibly entertaining clients given the current economic situation. They cannot be seen to be having ‘jollies’ even if they are entertaining existing and prospective clients. Of course, this has had an impact on the Events, Conference, Hospitality and Entertainment sector.Simon Speller from Hillier Hopkins LLP Accountants said that the Event sector is a very good indicator of economic stability. Clients of his in this sector began to be hit at the beginning of 2008: before other sectors were affected, but, he optimistically said that his clients are now seeing increased activity in the latest quarter: suggesting that there is economic growth – or optimism.Before the Credit Crunch, large or even limitless budgets were available for corporate entertainment, and lavish affairs were organised with no expense spared. Prices were high, and it was not unheard of for Event Companies to have huge mark ups on their suppliers prices, which they passed on to their clients. Now, however, the trend is for limited budgets and for fees to be negotiated and some entertaining to be cut.One of our clients mentioned that they were no longer organising their regular hospitality events for all of their clients; instead of taking 100 clients for a corporate day at Twickenham, including watching an International; they were now taking 10 high earning clients to see the match and a curry: cutting the cost from £700 per person to £70. They were also going through their database; inviting people to fewer events and saving the best invitations to their highest earners only.Another client, who works for a major supermarket that made record profits last year, said that all of the Christmas Office parties were cancelled last year as a cost cutting exercise. Normally her department of 20 would have had a budget of £40,000, yet the company were reluctant to even organise an in house drinks party. Of course cancelling office parties impacts on staff morale and is not always the most effective cost saving measure!So why do organisations entertain? Is it for fun, or to make them look good? Is it to show off or to reward their staff? There is a little of all these factors when organisations entertain, but it is generally for business purposes. Providing employees with a fantastic away day experience or Office Party is a good reward for loyalty and hard work – hence the demoralisation when these are cancelled. However, first and foremost it is to establish and maintain relationships with clients.If you arrange to meet a high earning client in McDonalds for a coffee, it says little about how you value the client and their business to you, but if you take care with the venue you choose to meet for coffee: that it is private and quiet to have the opportunity to discuss business in a professional way – it says so much about how you value the business relationship. Likewise, a restaurant where the service and ambience is not good (even if it is expensive) will do little for the business relationship that a lovely family owned restaurant where the chef and front of house really care about their customers.It is no longer necessary to lavishly entertain clients with high budget events. If you have a limited budget, it is fine to have an in house drinks party, but ensure you have arranged the finer details – such as a cloakroom for coats; clean glasses (yes: that isn’t always the case with hired glasses!) and a few canapés: and organising who is going to serve the drinks and canapés.We have offered clients who are organising in house events a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) entertainer. The fee comes from their CSR fund, and the entertainer is a ‘busker’ who plays background music, and guests put money into his hat, raising money for a charity. The benefits are that there is a fundraising element to the event and the entertainment is paid from the CSR fund rather than from the budget, and the quality of the event is enhanced by live music.If you are arranging entertainment at another venue, see what the venue events team offer with the package; for example, is entertainment included in the package; are they able to offer discounted accommodation? Is there an option for a cash bar? What is the difference in price between a buffet and served meal?When adding the ‘entertainment’ element to an evening, here are my top tips for the perfect icing on the cake.• We would always recommend going to a respected agency: someone you can talk to, rather than an internet based company. Friends of friends are not always reliable!• A musician playing background music during the drinks reception and/or meal lifts the quality level of an event. A CSR funded musician adds value to the event, although this isn’t always necessary. A harpist, string quartet, saxophonist, guitarist or pianist work very well in this situation.• After a dinner, it is always good to have entertainment, to finish off the evening and enabling guests to leave happy. We have found Singing Waiters; Surprise Singing Guests and our Flamenco Guitarists and dancers particularly popular.• After dinner speakers are a successful choice, although we recommend you are very specific in the contract as to what you would like them to speak about, and give them enough information about the expected guests, to ensure they tailor the speech for the audience.• Stand up comedians are fun; however, many have material that might not be suitable for mixed audiences or specific groups. Personally I would avoid this option unless you are very confident of the comedian and know your audience well. Some events have been ruined by the choice of comedian.• A singing act, such as our Romantic Tenor who sings Operatic Arias and Andrea Boccelli songs is very popular. As a rule, Tribute soloists and bands do not impress valued clients, so search for a good quality singer who will add value to your event. Make sure he or she has not set the sound levels too high, and if necessary, manage the sound checks to set the volume lower and request adjustments in the evening. A great evening has been spoilt by the entertainment being too loud – so manage the artiste!• Get as much advice and help from the venue as possible. They are experts at their venue and might have some great ideas.Corporate entertainment is an invaluable way of developing business relationships. At this time when people are cutting back, it is an ideal time to increase client hospitality to stand out from the crowd. Good entertainment is not about spending huge amounts of money, but taking care with the details, so that your clients have a positive experience and you, as a company, present yourself well. Good luck!