Americans Traveling in a Bad Economy

With the economy bringing them down and stressors flourishing, it is surprising that many Americans have put vacationing and traveling high on their priority list. But an overestimated number of American families have done just that to try to relieve some of the stresses and worries that the current economic situation has brought into their lives. Anything and everything that can be done to bring in relaxation and a sense of mental well being is currently climbing the priority list in many American households.Mariott’s Springhill Suites conducted their second annual traveler’s survey online to get a picture of what is to come in the travel industry. The results were interesting because the majority of the 1,000 Americans that participated in the survey stated that they will be taking some sort of vacation in the next year to unwind and get away from their hectic work lives and worries about life in general. They also stated that cost was not exactly a factor when deciding where to go. Online travel deals can take a back seat to a desirable location.Many of the people surveyed also stated that gas prices were not going to have an effect on any destinations that they decide to drive to for a relaxing vacation. Gas prices have been on a steady rise in the US for the past few years and some industries have had a concern that rising prices may cause people to stay at home. The data from this survey says otherwise.American women are more likely to unplug themselves from work on their vacation by not checking their work related email while away compared to American men who find it a little bit harder to completely shut themselves off from the workplace. Two thirds of the people surveyed said they will not be answering the office while away on vacation. Even though they will not be in touch with work, the survey discovered that 89% of adults on vacation will stay in touch with their Facebook accounts.The Fourth of July is the most common major American holiday for traveling for leisure and not for a family event. Thanksgiving is still the busiest travel day of the year but the majority of travelers over that holiday are on their way to a family gathering. The Fourth is a more relaxed holiday that can be enjoyed without the hustle and bustle of feeling an obligation to be somewhere.This survey also discovered some lesser known habits and likes of the American traveler. Americans are more likely to miss sleeping in their own beds and American men are more likely to get their hair cut before going on vacation than American women. There are even regional differences in the US with how a parent will handle an unruly child.Americans do love their vacations, even more in a bad economy with higher pressures for meeting life’s basic needs. It would appear that the stressful economy can be good for the travel industry by providing the getaways that are needed.

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